Address ■Head Office
12-1 Kiyohara-cho, Ota City, Gunma 373-0012
TEL 0276-37-8333 FAX 0276-37-8334
■Marine container terminal
12-81 Midori-cho, Ota City, Gunma 373-0073
1) Handling and storage of cargo
2) Management and operation of terminals, warehouses, handling of cargo
3) Leasing of administrative offices
4) Warehousing
5) Temporary staffing
6) Other related operations
relating to the above
1) Customs bond warehouse permit (Tokyo Customs)
  * Permit issued March 3, 2000; renewed February 7, 2012 (6 years)
2) Permit to manage Type 1 shipping activities (Kanto District Transport Bureau)
  * Permit issued February 4, 2000
3) Permit for storage and handling of low-volume hazardous materials (Class 4 type 4 petrochemicals) (Fire department)
  * Permit issued January 28, 2000
4) Designated administrator for Ota International Cargo Terminal (Ota City)
  * Designated April 1, 2006; renewed April 1, 2012 (3 years)
5) Registered warehouse operator (Kanto District Transport Bureau)
  * Registered July 10, 2009
Date of foundation May 12, 2000
Capital 142.4 million yen
Of which 25% invested by Ota City, 7% by the Ota Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and local manufacturers and customs clearance companies
Date of start of operations April 1, 2000
Hours of operation 8:30am - 5:30pm
Directors Chief Executive Officer and Chairman: Masayoshi Shimizu (Ota City Mayor)
Chief Executive Officer and President: Eiichi Ogiwara (Honorary President, Ota Chamber of Commerce & Industry)
15 additional directors and 2 auditors
Office locations
Customs Tokyo Customs Maebashi Customs Sub-Branch Ota Customs Branch Guard Post
Customs clearance companies Yusen Logistics Co., Ltd.
Hankyu Hanshin Express Co., Ltd.
Nissin Corporation
Yuu Yuu World Co., Ltd.
Kintetsu World Express, Inc
Container transport Hayakawa Sealand Transportation Corporation
Truck/Container transport Suda Transportaion Co., Ltd.
Distribution center management Ota Ryutsu Center Oroshi Kyodo Kumiai
Management principles "We aim to become a hub for international logistics in the northern Kanto region by concentrating our unending efforts and intellect in order to contribute towards logistical innovations for our customers and develop the regional economy."
Management policies
  1. Placing compliance with laws and regulations at the foundation of corporate management and conducting appropriate management and operations of customs bond warehousing in compliance with customs laws and regulations.
  2. Operating on the principles of "cargo is a treasure" and our motto of "Ha-Ta-Ra-Ki-Ya" (fast, correct, comfortable, clean, affordable)
  3. Boldly rising to the challenge of various logistical needs to realize logistical innovations for our customers.
  4. Proactively engaging in eco-logistics, energy conservation activities and green procurement with the aim of becoming an environmentally friendly company.
  5. A company where each individual employee can be independent, meet responsibilities, as well as working with each other and to have dreams and aspirations.

From an inland depot to an inland port

Customs Police Office opening ceremony (April 8, 2004)
Left: Shin Kato, Gunma (then) Prefecture Chief Treasurer
Center: Sakura Shiga, (then) Tokyo Customs Chief
Right: Masayoshi Shimizu/Ota City Mayor (then) OICT representative chairman
Cargo volumes at OICT and work done to a local customs Police Office led to the Ota Police Office, Tokyo Customs Maebashi Branch being established within OICT in April 2004, with one member of customs staff stationed permanently. OICT has become, both in name and reality, an inland depot connecting North Kanto to the world (Customs bond warehousing, clearers, customs intermediary).

We are also working to transform into an inland port by establishing a new terminal specifically for maritime containers in April 2013.

Our mission as the third sector

As the third sector 25%-owned by Ota City, we aim to provide logistical support to Ota city firms engaged in overseas trade and promote the regional economy, and see our mission as one of pursuing practicality for shippers to increase profits.

Opening of a new maritime container terminal

A growth in maritime container cargo volume to beyond capacity at OICT is continuing, leading to a situation where future expected increases in demand will have to be restricted. Seeking hence to develop our inland depot into an inland port, we will start construction work from August, 2012 aiming at the commencement of business in April, 2013. With the new opening, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has targeted OICT for the Tokyo Yokohama harbour improvement and facility maintenance (grants provided), and has appointed us to oversee Tokyo Yokohama harbor's ancillary facilities. Gunma Prefecture has also presented us as a facility which strengthens logistical predominance of developing the North Kanto belt zone. At the same time, the Mayor of Ota City (and current chairman) feels expectations within the region, to turn the industrial town of "Ota" into a port etc., to be extremely high.